Saturday, 8 November 2008

The Jackdaws' Agenda

The Jackdaws' Agenda

The intriguing true story of the vast treasure plundered by the Japanese Imperial Army from across Asia during WW2, where they buried its bulk in the Philippines, and the recovery of various caches during the Marcos dictatorship / martial law era. The fabled, yet erroneously named Yamashita's Treasure.


reynaldo said...

where can buy this book?

Pro-active said...

nteschThank you, Ally. I appreciate your generosity for sharing your experience and discoveries. The information you cited confirms what we find in the area and will help a lot on our awareness of the subject matter. From hypothetical to become a reality and make it a history for tomorrow. Learning from you, hopefully may also apply in our situation should we may be able to acquire the needed resources and team like that of what you did, here at our project site(cave to get lost after Japanese occupation of the Philippines). Looking forward for your comments at my email