Saturday, 8 November 2008



The author will remain eternally grateful to the following, who gave unstintingly of their time. Some, for personal interviews, others, for providing access to a wealth of personal and family correspondences, documents and diaries; while several pointed out the existence and directions of paths before untrod.
Many facilitated vital introductions to connected third parties, and provided inspired friendships and their unique cultural brands of hospitality.
To those who wish their identities and contributions to remain anonymous and unmentioned, this message is also for you.
All provided invaluable insights to understanding the cultural, martial, and political moods of the times; and to solving the inherent complex mysteries and enigmas which are the essential foundations of this work.
My sincerest thanks to you all : Maraming salamat, Terimah kasi, Spassibo, Domo arigato, Muchas gracias, Xie-xie ni, Danken, Shokran.

Yoshiko Kodama , Ryoichi Sasagawa, Keiko Sasagawa, David Kung, Dr. Hideo Noguchi, Hiroko Arakatsu, Tu Wei-sheng, Koto Chizu-nusi (The Map Master) , Madame May-ling Chiang Kai-shek, Ryochi Fukumitsu, Yone Suzuki, Ms. Sharon Duque Garcia, Orlando Dulay, Fujimaru Goma and family, Higashikuni Naruhiko, Yoshio Iwabuchi, Hisaichi Matsudaira, Irene Takahashi, Wakabayashi family, Ku Chu-T’ung, Arlene Soong, Koto Shiro-nusi (The Sign Master) , Shigaharu Asaeda, Agha Hasian Abedi, Suzanne Jordan, Harry Solomon Stonehill Snr., Natasha Yatzkov and family, Sybil Wild, Ghaith Pharaon, Anna Kotilov, Catherine Donovan Beasley, Ulrica Gehlen, Maria Alcazar de Velasco, George Kimura and family, Oyabun Yoshio Kazuo, Luzviminda de Castro, Akita Tsuji, Seizo Arisue, Prof. Takani Hiroshi, Tomoe Hattori, Kahei Sasebo.

National Diet Library Archives.
Archives of the Myohoin Temple, Kyoto.
Archives of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Archives of the Japanese Defence Agency
Archives of the Allied Council for Japan.
Archives of the U. K. War Crimes Commission.
Archives of the International Institute for Strategic Studies.
Archives of the Japanese War Ministry : to 1945.
Archives of the Japanese Trade Bureau .
Singapore National Archives.
U. S. National Archives ( OSS and Naval Intelligence files).
Archives of the Japan Nitrogen Fertiliser Corp.

Finally, my eternal thanks and appreciation to Maki Kodama, who provided the Keys to the Kingdom, which unlocked the ciphers to a plethora of secrets and enigmas that are woven throughout the entire fabric of the Golden Lily. For her resourcefulness and tenacity. For her warm companionship and love; and the countless litres of green tea, with which she also sustained me. Domo arigato, Maki-sana; I will never forget, my beautiful ii-hito.

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